About us

Grand Energy Distribution Ltd was established in 2010 and holds energy trading license for operating in the Bulgarian and International energy markets. Since end of 2013 the company become one of the leading participant in the wholesale power markets domestically and in Balkan region. At the end of November 2014 company become balancing group coordinator.

The total trading volumes are up to 300MW hourly load. Now for a bit over a year Grand Energy Distribution Ltd became active exporter of electric energy to countries like Serbia, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Montenegro.

Its services which includes intra-day trading, day – ahead trading, spot and forward trading, Over the Counter Transactions and risk management and also combined with its physical resources such as briquettes and coals underpins its ability to hedge market risks, maximize the assets value and secures supplies of electric energy to its customers.

The company is also responsible for long term electricity contracts and has a major role of optimizing and hedging the Group generation and sales portfolio in Bulgaria and the Region.